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Innovative Lubricant Technology with Chemistry So Unique, It's Patented™



Boron CLS Bond® is based on the intricate crystal lattice structure (CLS) of the hydrated boron molecules. That lattice structure allows the layers of hydrated boron particles to slide virtually friction-free over each other, like the playing cards in a fresh deck, while retaining awesome strength. The ultrafine sub-micron particles of hydrated boron reach every metal surface and crevice, lubricating with superior slipperiness as they chemically bond with the host material.

A Breakthrough That's Redefining the Standards For:

How Does Our Patented Boron CLS Bond® Technology Work?


Unique Molecular Structure Makes the CLS Bond Unrivaled

The benefits of CLS Bond® products have been documented in test after test. For example, engine friction is reduced by up to 80%, and engine wear by up to 90%.* And in private testing by industrial users, for both engine oils and industrial grease, the results have been even more impressive. Plus, boron is environmentally friendly in all forms. The bottom line is that lubricants with Boron CLS Bond® can be used anywhere there's a need for guaranteed performance.


*Testing performed by Argonne National Laboratory, BNM Research, Falex, Inc., Herguth Laboratories, Inc., Micromy AB and others.
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